Tuesday, July 06, 2010


It's been a long time coming and I have no excuses!! It's beyond time for his first blog appearance and since 9 seemingly short months have already flown by since his arrival, this will be a loooong one! Without further adu, blog world say hello to the newest member of the Osborn fam...

Riddik Uriah
upon arrival he weighed a whoppin' 8lbs 6oz, our biggest little munchkin :0) and was 20 inches long just like his Big Bro was!!
We also learned that we apparently make the same baby over and over... and over again because he does in fact look JUST LIKE his older brother and especially his older sister! He, however, has them both beat in the size department hands down!
Not to cut him short tho, he has started to grow into his own little look too, our little Rit! Over these past 9 months his little personality has really started to come out and he is quite the character :0)
I love his gummy little grin and scrunchy nosed, squinty eyed giggle... and I could listen to him "talk" all day! Alora and Xander are his biggest fans and he is their's in return! Alora was the first to get him to smile and she's been his favorite since!
He is growing up way too fast, crawling everywhere and now pulling up to anything he can find sturdy enough :0) Perhaps my favorite part of all... he is a momma's boy thru & thru!!
We love our little chunker munk and all his cute and cuddliness!! Wouldn't trade him for the world!!

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